Altar Guild Schedule

Saturday: Set Up Communion Parament Sunday: Clean-Up
June 17 (volunteer needed) Green June 18 (volunteer needed)
June 24 (volunteer needed) Green June 25 (volunteer needed)
July 1 (volunteer needed) Green July 2 (volunteer needed)
July 8 (volunteer needed) Green July 9 (volunteer needed)
July 15 (volunteer needed) Green July 16 (volunteer needed)
July 22 (volunteer needed) Green July 23 (volunteer needed)
July 29 (volunteer needed) Green July 30 (volunteer needed)

We have started up an Altar Guild again, something which we didn't have for a long time. Altar Guild is responsible for setting up for communion on the Saturday before each service and will also cover clean up after service. So, if you've been helping in the kitchen after service, first let us say "thank you." And, please put your name down on the signup sheet for Altar Guild in the narthex and you will be scheduled for clean up after service. If you won't be there, please switch with someone else for a different day. You won't be scheduled to set up on Saturday, unless you let Diane Martin know that you'd like to be a substitute and go through the training.