Congregational Care Ministry

A new team has been formed – Congregational Care Team, under the division of Mission and Outreach. The purpose of this team is to provide care for members and friends of our congregation through the prayer chain, Meals for Hope, greeting cards, phone calls, home and hospital visits and providing transportation for those who don't drive.

For this new mission to be successful, we need your help with a few things. We need to know who needs a ride to church (their names and phone numbers). If you know someone is ill or in the hospital, please let us know. If you have extra blank greeting cards (anything but birthday cards), bring them to church.

And, of course, please utilize the prayer chain. Angie Peart is the head of the prayer chain, so please call her and she will get prayer going immediately.

Let's share our love for Jesus' with each other.

God's blessings,

Cindy Merhaut
Lynn Setnor
Marilyn Long